About Us

Inaya lashes was created in 2018 but launched in 2020 due to my fussiness over lash styles and finding the perfect lash styles to launch.

You know when you have smaller eyes than your friends and family and lash bands are too thick for you or the lashes were too long so all you could wear is natural ones but you wanted something more glam but you didn't want to pay £18 for it.

Yes that was me! 

The reason I wanted to create my own lash brand was because false eyelashes has always been my favourite part of wearing makeup with a full face or even without a full face. The way it transforms your face. You can go from looking like a basic b**** to a boss b**** in seconds. 

When I created Inaya Lashes the lashes that suited my eye shape and size was only available in USA so it was more expensive so I knew I needed to create a brand that's sells high quality lashes for a good price for all shapes and sizes.

My goal is to stock all lash styles for all eye shapes and sizes and not put a dent in the bank.